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We Specialize in Manufacturing Heavy-Duty Custom Vinyl & Canvas Tarps, Covers and Products for the Oil & Gas Industry and Other Industrial Purposes.


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Such as Canvas & Vinyl Tarpaulin, Welding Tents and Equipment Covers

Heavy-Duty Covers, Tarps & Tents

Our custom canvas and vinyl products are made for heavy-duty, industrial use.

Custom-Made or

We can build tarps & covers right to your specifications. Or choose from our variety of ready to go products.

Knowledgeable & Innovative Team

Our team has over 20 years of experience with custom tarps & covers for oil field & industrial use.

Custom Manufactured & Premade Products

We specialize in manufacturing heavy-duty, custom-made tarpaulin, tents and covers.

Heavy-Duty, Custom Rig Tarps on Drilling Floor
Welding Tent on 48" Pipe
Pipeline Blanket on 32" Pipe
Sound Barrier Wall
Dewatering Bag In Use
Steam Blanket
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Portable Fabric Buildings by Weather All Shelters

Portable fabric buildings for storage, workshops and manufacturing plants. Built from heavy-duty Canadian materials, our buildings are made to withstand harsh winter climates.

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