Pipeline Blankets

Product Intro

Pipeline blankets are a great solution to relief stress on welds joining pipe sections. The insulated cooling blanket wraps around the pipe to ensure the weld won’t cool down too quickly. This ensures all welding to settle properly, no matter what environment you may find yourself working in.

  • 12″ Wide (9″ for Multi-Size Blankets)
  • 12 oz Treated Canvas
  • Water Repellent, UV & Mold Resistant
  • 1″ Fiberglass Insulation
  • 1000°F (537°C) Glass Cloth Temperature Limit

  • Blankets Ranging from 3″ to 48″ Pipe
Pipeline Blanket on 32" Pipe
Multi-Size Pipeline Blankets

Multi-Size Blankets

Our multi-size blankets are 9″ wide. They are available in two sizes, for 3”-6″ pipes and 8”-12″ pipes (fitting three sizes with one blanket).

  • 9″ Wide
  • Fits 3 Different Pipe Sizes in One Blanket

  • Available in Bundles of 25 PCS

Pipeline Cooling Blanket Sizes

Size Width Product Code Bundle Size QTY in Stock *
3-6″ 9″ WB/030406 25 pcs 250-500
8-12″ 9″ WB/081012 25 pcs 250-500
16″ 12″ WB/1612 10 pcs 50-200
20″ 12″ WB/2012 10 pcs 50-100
24″ 12″ WB/2412 10 pcs 50-200
30″ 12″ WB/3012 10 pcs 50-200
36″ 12″ WB/3612 10 pcs 50-200
42″ 12″ WB/4212 10 pcs 50-200
48″ 12″ WB/4812 10 pcs Made to Order

* Quantities in stock are approximate numbers only.

We stock a large variety of the most common pipeline blanket sizes. We have 500-1000 multi-size blankets available at any time, and 50-200 blankets of each common size. This ensures that we are able to supply cooling pipeline blankets to you at any moment. We can usually ship orders the same or next business day.

12 oz Treated Canvas

Treated Canvas that is UV & Mold Resistant and Water Repellent

Fast & Convenient Closure Method

S-Hooks on 1″ Elastic that hook onto Webbing Loops

Heat Resistant Glass Cloth

Withstands up to 1000°F (537°C)

Multiple Sizes

Our pipeline cooling blankets are available from 3″-48″ diameter pipe.

Repair Services

We can patch small burn holes, repair frayed canvas and glass cloth sections, and replace any hook, elastic and webbing pieces.

Custom Services

Since we manufacture all our products in house from our Edmonton location, we can custom build any project for you.

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