Quilted + Insulated

Vinyl Skirting Material

Stay Warmer this Winter!

Reduce Your Heat Costs: Our Skirting Withstands Cold Temperatures up to -40°C/F

Wrap Your Slides

Add Extra Protection to Your Trailer

RV Skirting

Product Intro

RV skirting keeps the undercarriage or your RV, trailer or fifth wheel warm by adding a protective skirting that completely encloses your RV. This enclosure seals off any outside air from potentially freezing and damaging your trailer’s plumbing system. Closing off any wind also makes it easier to heat up your trailer in the winter months.

Our RV skirting (or wind skirt) is made with a heavy-duty quilted and insulated vinyl which can withstand cold temperatures up to -40°C/F. Each panel connects to each other with two inch Velcro. Fastening the panels to your trailer is made quick and simple with DOT fasteners attached to each panel you order.

  • Cold Crack: Equal to or Greater Than -40°C/F

  • Helps Prevent Frozen Water Pipes
  • Lightweight and Easy to Transport or Store
  • Easily Assembled, Reusable / Not Permanent

RV Skirting Black Front and Passenger Side
RV Skirting Quilted & Insulated Material Sample

Quilted & Insulated Vinyl Material

Our RV skirting material is a quilted diamond pattern PVC with 1/2″ foam on the inside. It will hold up to the cold with a -40°C/F cold crack along with the ability to pass the MVSS-302 FR test.

  • Abrasion: 100,000 Double Rubs
  • Cleaning: Mild Soap & Water

  • Nominal Thickness: 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 57.20 oz. / Linear Yard
  • Fire Retardancy: Class 1, Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302., California Bulletin 117-Section E

  • Cold Crack: Equal to or Greater than -40°C/F
RV Skirting Storage Area Underneath Hitch

Add Storage Underneath Your Hitch

  • Roll-Up Storage Door
  • Great for Bicycles, ATV’s, & Storage Boxes

RV Skirting Cutouts and Access Doors for Plumbing

Custom Cut-Outs Where You Want Them

  • Cut-Outs for Plumbing, Electrical & Storage Panels
  • FR Border Around Exhaust and Furnace Connection

Detail of a Slide Wrap

Slide Wraps to Help Insulate

  • Slide Wraps Cover All Four Sides
  • Windows Can be Made Accessible with Roll-Up Sections
RV Skirting Custom Template for Remote Measuring & Install

Measure Yourself & Install Remotely

  • Send Us Photos of Your RV, Trailer or Fifth Wheel
  • Our Team Will Create Custom Templates to Help with Measuring

Benefits of Pierce Co. RV Skirting

  • Warmer Floors in the Winter, Cooler Ones in the Summer

  • Helps Prevent Frozen Water Pipes

  • Insulated Undercarriage of Your Trailer

  • Lightweight: Easy to Transport or Store

  • Reduces Cold Drafts

  • Lower Propane Bills
  • Covers Tires, Protecting Them
    from the Sun
  • Easily Assembled

  • Reusable / Not Permanent

All of our RV skirting comes with a 12” sod flap to cover uneven areas on campsites or RV parks.

Our skirting is designed for people who might move a lot. The panels are custom fit to your vehicle. Take it out of storage, and it’s ready to go unlike wood or Styrofoam that you need to cut and adapt for each place you go.

Interested in DIY Remote Install?

Please send us an email with some photos of your RV (front, sides, back). Our team will get back to you with a quote and custom templates to fill out! We supply all Velcro and fasteners so you can install your skirting wherever you are!

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