Modular Frame System

Noise & Vibration Control

Essential for Your Health & Safety and Nearby Surroundings

Multiple Applications

Drilling Rigs, Fracking Operations & Work Sites

Sound Barriers

Product Intro

Sound barriers are installed to decrease and enclose the noise created by rig generators, exhausts and other loud applications. Noise and vibration control is essential for your health & safety, and the protection of nearby surroundings.

With a minimum life span of 7 years (when properly installed) in the harshest environments, this product is typically used as a noise barrier on outdoor applications such as construction site noise mitigation projects. BBC-13-2″ (the insulated quilted material) has been a recommended, specified and approved product to comply with the New York City Noise Ordinance Code.

  • Acoustical Ratings: STC 32, NRC .85

  • Class A Flammability Rated per ASTM E- 84

  • Designed for Outdoor Applications

  • Modular Frame Sizes May Differ
    (The Photo to the Right is 11’6″ Wide x 17′ High with a 5′ High Wing)

Sound Barrier with Top Wing Inside
Sound Barrier around a Generator

Sound Curtains

This product consists of a two-inch thick vinyl-coated-fiberglass-cloth faced quilted fiberglass absorber that is bonded to a one-pound per sq. ft. reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier.

“X” style sound curtain panels are constructed with grommets across the top and bottom, and exterior grade Velcro seals along the vertical edges. A more permanent solution can be achieved by bolting the panels right to the frame.

  • Description: Vinyl coated fiberglass cloth facing on 2” quilted fiberglass and 1 lb-psf reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier
  • Flammability Flame Spread: 23.0 – Smoke density: 30.0

  • Nominal Thickness: 2.0 inches
  • Temperature Range: -30° to +80° C (-20° to +180° F)

Sound Barrier Icons
  • Drilling Rigs

  • Fracking Operations

Sound Barrier Icons
  • Production Equipment

  • Directional Drilling

Sound Barrier Icons
  • Pipeline Excavation

  • Gas Compressors

Sound Barrier Icons
  • Onsite Trailer Light Plants

  • Lease Perimeters or Berms

On-Site Noise Reduction Results

  Decibel Level Reduction of Noise
Without Barrier 96.5 dB 0%
Immediately on the Other Side of Barrier Wall 81.0 dB 67%
10 FT from Barrier Wall 76.4 dB 75%
30 FT from Barrier Wall 70.6 dB 83%
100 FT from Barrier Wall 62.3 dB 90%

(mounted 10 feet from gen rads and 20 feet from exhaust and choppers drilling on rig)

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