Welding & Coating Tent

Featuring a Silicone Coated Fiberglass Boot

Engineered & Trademarked

Saddle Piece

The Frame Straps Right to the Pipe

Pre-Fab Tent Fits
12″ – 36″ Pipe

Bigger Pipe Sizes Available Upon Request

Saddle Style Welding & Coating Tent

The Perfect Welding Tent for Sites With Uneven Ground

Working on a job site with uneven ground, trenching or where there is simply no room to place a regular welding tent? Our new Saddle Style Welding & Coating Tents are ideal for coating, welding and dig sites where there is no room to set up a tent that has legs or needs even ground.

  • Engineered and Trademarked Saddle Piece Straps on to the Pipe

  • Easy to Set Up with Two People

  • Peak Height is 45” From the Top of the Pipe

  • ¾” x ¾” (0.625 Wall Thickness) HSS Square Tubing

Saddle Style Welding Tent
Saddle Style Welding Tent Sitting on 24" Pipe

Superior Manufacturing

This tent is designed to strap onto any size of pipe in minutes, so you can get the job done! It measures 8’ x 10’ when unfolded and comes with a one-size fits all FR rated silicone boot that will fit every pipe from 12” – 36”. The cover is built from our 14 oz FR tent material that meets FR ratings NFPA 701 & ULC S109, and has a -40°C low cold crack.

The framework consists of two engineered saddle pieces and ¾” x ¾” (0.625 wall thickness) HSS square tubing for the braces. It comes with a lifting lug one each side so you can easily move this tent along the pipe while the cover is on the frame.

  • 14 oz Grey Fire-Retardant Tent Cover

  • Meets FR ratings NFPA 701 & ULC S109

  • -40°C Low Cold Crack

  • 400 lbs Certified Lifting Lug

-40°C Cold Crack

14 oz FR Woven Polyester Scrim
with a -40°C Low Cold Crack

Highly Versatile

Pre-Fab Tents Fit 12 IN – 36 IN Pipe (Bigger Sizes Available Upon Request)

Fire Retardant

Meets FR Rating Standards:
NFPA 701 & ULC S109

Lifting Lug Certification

Certified 400lbs Lifting Lug

Saddle Style Welding Tent Sizes & Specs

Saddle Style Welding Tent Sizes & Specs

Saddle Style Welding Tent Sizes & Specs

Standard 8×10 Tent Dimensions

  • 10 FT (120″) Wide x 8 FT (96″) Long
  • 45″ Peak Height (From the Top of the Pipe)


  • Frame: 80 lbs
  • Cover: 25 lbs
  • Both: 105 lbs

Shipping Dimensions

  • 8 FT x 10 FT x 2 FT

Fabricated from 1.25 SQ IN Galvanized Steel

Increased Size: 10 FT Wide x 12 FT Long

Super-Duty 12×10 Tent Dimensions

  • 10 FT (120″) Wide x 12 FT (96″) Long
  • 45″ Peak Height (From the Top of the Pipe)


  • Coming Soon

Shipping Dimensions

  • 12 FT x 10 FT x 2 FT

More Info Coming Soon

Strap the Frame to
the Pipe

Unfold the Frame

Saddle Style Welding Tent - Frame Unfolded with Cover

Put on the Cover

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